Since time immemorial red tape and protracted procedural and other bureaucratic processes have its toll in the delivery of public service at all levels in the government. In worse cases, these taxing procedures have encouraged a culture of corruption and slowly crept into government systems- from simple process of securing basic permits and certificates to more complex transactions.

      Through the passage of Municipal Ordinance No. 117, series of 2011, or the “Ordinance for the Establishment of the Citizens’ Charter for the Municipality of Buhi and Crating Buhi Public and Business Assistance Board and for other purposes”, this Local Government manifested its firm commitment to join the shared agenda of ending excessive regulations that either slows down or if not at all, deprive the general public of services that the government functionaries are duty bound to provide. This Citizens’ Charter provided our constituents the simplified ways to avail a particular service with an end goal of guaranteed performance level that a clientele may expect.

      The advent of Ease Doing Business Act of 2018 which was signed into law last May 28, 2018, has further strengthened the need to innovate and ensure a more efficient and effective dealings between and among a government agency and its clienteles. Among the many salient features of this law is the requirement to observe a no contact policy by a transacting individual with any of the personnel of the government office offering frontline service. Thus, in accordance with this new policy, it is also inevitable that the processes in the local government of this Municipality be streamlined further through this revised Citizen’s Charter.

      With this latest service guidebook, it is also our aim to establish a new-fangled facility standard through which the timeliness and quality of public service were improved by letting people know the mandate of the various offices in the LGU and how the they can avail of the services being offered.

      This book which translates the advocacy of the Local Leadership towards the promotion of good local governance is characterized by transparent, accountable and responsive public service delivery which will benefit the general public through reduction in time and resources spent on transacting with a local government office, reduced vulnerability to graft and corruption, enhanced customer satisfaction; including availability of feedback and redress mechanisms.

      Kaogmahan po namun sa local na gobierno nya banwaan na Buhi na makapag-servi sainyo.



Municipal Mayor